International Open Call to volunteer as an extra in a Human Zoo reenactment.

May 15th 2014, Frogneparken, Oslo, Norway

The project:
Please read the whole text below before signing up!

1914 - The "world fair" in Oslo had 80 Senegalese living for 5 months in a Human Zoo called The Congo Village. The exhibition was opened by the king of Norway and 1,5 million people visited the human zoo as a part of the 100 year celebration of the norwegian constitution. 

2014 - For the 200 year anniversary, Norway is preparing a huge celebration, where the image of Norwegian goodness is celebrated to it's maximum. Values like equality and antiracism and the role of Norway in the world are at the heart of this celebration.

We thought about challenging the 2014 celebration by suggesting to reenact The Congo Village, to question the collective loss of memory, the nation building process, the message of norwegian goodness, by highlighting a very forgotten event in Norway.

May 15, 2014 - We have the resources to build the village but we need your help to complete our reenactment. We need you to volunteer as an extra in our human zoo, but first, on this website, see the videos and read the texts because you need to do this out of your own will.

  We welcome anybody from anywhere in the world who believes in the importance of the discussion about colonialism, the evolution of racism, equality... etc. and we ask you to submit a text for why you want to participate.

Register in the form on this page.

    Please keep these important points in mind.

• Your participation has to be voluntary, you will not get paid, we do not help with any arrangements, visas, accommodations, nothing.

• Before you submit, you should be aware that this project is heavily critiqued by a group of people in Norway.

• You will most likely be asked to defend your participation.

• You should be aware that the event will most likely be covered heavily by 

• Whatever text you submit, for or against the project, may be published in a publication we are releasing in 2015.

We thank you very much for contributing to this project.

Lars and Fadlabi

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